Chairman’s Message

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The Korea Overseas Movers Association (KOROMA) is an organization specializing in overseas moving and established to protect consumers’ rights, promote fair trading practices industry wide, encourage exchanges of related information, foster talent, and make inroads into international markets, which will contribute to the growth of combined logistics worldwide.

The overseas moving industry has increasingly become an integral part of the global market, with the rising number of people moving overseas for study abroad, training, immigration, employment, etc.

In keeping up with such trends, our Association is committed to continuous research and development to provide higher-quality services to satisfy its customers.

The Korea Overseas Movers Association (KOROMA) will continue to work hard so it can help establish freely and fairly competitive market practices. The Association also pledges to serve its community by devoting itself to public projects in order to build a society where everyone can live together.

Chairman of Korea Overseas Movers Association (KOROMA)
Jaewon Song